Past and Future [concluded]

Session Summaries

All of the session summaries from the start of the campaign

D&D Session Summary May 14, 2013
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D&D Session Summary May 7, 2013
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D&D Session Summary May 3, 2013
The adventurers make their way into the pyramid control room with Lord Commander Loray. While trying to figure out the controls, the party notices that there are four missing warforge regiments from the pyramid – one regiment west of Baba Ghanoush, one regiment attempting to defend the pyramid from the heroes and one regiment east of Baba Ghanoush. Wait a minute, one warforge regiment is missing! Where is it?

As the adventurers take their sweet time figuring out how to operate the control room, Graven Falconsflight and a group of Purple Dragoon scouts rush out of the north gate to investigate the pyramid. Upon exiting the city wall, the elf paladin takes a good look around to get situational awareness. To the west of the city, the tornado with fire and rocks has completely decimated the warforge formation and begins to rampage through the western city gates and main street. It appears that the tornado is headed for a specific location within the city. On the east side of the city, the warforge soldiers have defeated the dinosaur-like creatures and begin feasting upon their flesh. Suddenly, Graven and the Purple Dragoons are ambushed by another warforge formation of soldiers that were hidden beneath the ground. The warforge attempt to rush past them and into the city and a fierce battle ensues.

Back inside the pyramid control room, the adventurers discover that the warforge cannon requires souls to power up the weapon. With their knowledge checks, Berrian and Amarthon (with Korgath’s supervision) determine that the warforge soldiers have been sacrificing their life force by plugging themselves into the Vecna soul draining chair in order to power up the cannon. With his expert surgeon skills, Carrion removes the plugs and replugs a fresh warforge soldier that was knocked unconscious during the last fight. After aligning the tubes and removing any blockage, the cannon power bar slowly climbs up to one third power.

Meanwhile, The Hunter climbs up into the tiny cannon room to visually inspect the weapon for defects. However, he gets himself stuck in the access hatch and urges his fellow adventurers not to rotate the cannon otherwise it would crush him. Despite Korgath’s powerful push, The Hunter remains stuck in the access hatch so the half-elf ranger decides to use his Ring of Shadow Travel to teleport to safety. Inside the tiny cannon room, The Hunter spots a fluid leak and fixes it with some candle wax summoned by Amarthon.

After the power bar reaches past one third, the adventurers decide to fire their first shot at the warforge army east of Baba Ghanoush. With an outstanding 30 Arcana check to zone in the targeting recticle, Berrian pushes the FIRE button and the pyramid cannon vaporizes the warforge army feasting on the dinosaur flesh.

Immediately after the adventurers shoot the cannon, a communication panel activates in the control room and the heroes hear a familiar voice. “Commander 2 of 6, you have fired the cannon without my permission. I gave strict instructions not to shoot the city. I want the Library of Ioun intact. What is going on over there?” Not surprisingly, it is Orukurtz the purple dragon! Carrion, Berrian and The Hunter attempt to fool the purple dragon by mimicing the warforge sounds and simulate bogus problems at the pyramid. However, Orukurtz sees through their deception and overrides the access and propulsion controls. Suddenly, the adventurers find themselves quickly burrowing underground in the pyramid.

With their second unconscious warforge soldier’s soul drained, Amarthon utilizes the target lock feature onto a dragon signature within the city displayed on the radar screen. Suspecting that it must be Orukurtz, the tiefling fires the cannon which sends a green laser beam straight into the side of the Templar White Tower foundations. An explosion erupts at the center of the city that compromises the structural integrity of the newly constructed tower.

While Korgath bashes open the control room windows, Carrion quickly plugs in the third and last unconscious warforge soldier into the soul draining chair. The Hunter climbs down from the tiny cannon room and collects some warforge “blood” in a vial. Korgath rips off a warforge arm with a weapon and Carrion collects some tubes from the chair. When the power bar is at one third, Berrian sets a time delay of 25 seconds to automatically shoot the cannon while the pyramid is burrowing underground. Finally, Amarthon uses his psionic powers to connect one point in the control room with another point about 50 feet outside the pyramid which allows him and his allies to teleport away. After the teleportation, the adventurers, Lord Commander Loray and his eladrin elite squad run as fast as they can to clear the descending pyramid. After 25 seconds, the pyramid’s cannon fires and destroys a section of the lightning rail northwest of the city.

D&D Session Summary April 26, 2013
The battle for control of the Vecna pyramid carrying a warforge army continues! The adventurers manage to clear the ground level of the storage bay. However, at the third level, the warforge engineers prepare and fire a small laser cannon. While the laser burns the adventurers, the shot also causes some friendly fire on the warforge side. While the warforge engineers burn, the adventurers and the warforge commander teleport to the second level using the energy elevator.

Meanwhile, Lord Commander Loray and his elite squad rush through the door with a goliath warden. The eladrin officer scorns the adventurers angrily for leaving him behind and attempting to steal his glory for successfully capturing the pyramid. Close behind them, the remaining warforge formation that is not engaged in combat is rushing back to the pyramid to repel the intruders. On the ground level, the goliath warden and eladrin soldiers wisely assume a bottleneck position to buy the adventurers precious time to reach the control room at the top of the pyramid. The bottleneck does not hold for long as the warforge soldiers beat down the doors and also begin to flood in from the alternative entrances. They have no choice, but to retreat to the second level for a better defensive position. On the second level, the adventurers quickly dispatch the warforge engineers. Carrion uses his Command power to force the warforge commander to walk off the elevator platform. Failing to catch himself on the edge, the warforge commander falls 100 feet to his death and explodes in a hundred pieces which only annihilate Amarthon’s scorpion conjuration. The adventurers reach the top level and take control of the warforge cannon from the engineers. They use the cannon to shoot newly activated warforge soldiers on the second level to aid the goliath warden and the eladrin soldiers. Carrion uses his Knights of Unyielding Valor to block hostile creatures from entering the third level with the energy elevator. Amarthon attempts to open the trap door to the control room, but does not have much success with his Thievery skills. The Hunter gives it a try and manages to open it while saying to Amarthon, “You have to pull the latch, not push!”. Berrian helps reload the warforge cannon and Carrion climbs up the ladder into the control room.

In the control room, Carrion notices many features in the relatively small compartment. Along all the walls, there are sophisticated consoles and panels with a variety of levers, flashing symbols and buttons. Above the consoles is a thick window that provides a 360 degree vision around the pyramid. With his Passive Perception, the cleric sees that the Templar shield has finally diminished. The north gates of the city slowly open and a flood of humanoids rush towards the pyramid. In the center of the control room is a lifeless warforge plugged into a metallic chair with Supernal language. Utilizing his Gem of Colloquy, The Hunter is able to read the Supernal language and discovers that this chair is a religious mechanism dedicated to Vecna. Being connected to the warforge laser cannon, the chair essentially drains the soul out of the person seated in the chair in order to empower and control the weapon. Surrounding the chair are a dozen lifeless corpses of warforge soldiers who seem to have had their souls drained in order to use the laser cannon on the pyramid.

Meanwhile, with his book smart knowledge, Amarthon begins to identify the key areas of operation in the control room. The consoles in the north wall appear to control the access points. The consoles on the east wall appear to manage the warfoge soldiers being held in the storage bay. The consoles on the south wall appear to control the pyramid’s propulsion system. And the consoles on the west wall and the chair in the center appear to control the laser cannon mounted on the top of the pyramid.

Who are the people rushing out of Baba Ghanoush towards the pyramid? How will the adventurers figure out how to use the laser cannon on the pyramid and what will they shoot at? Why is there a tornado with fire and rocks attacking the warforge on the west side of the city and an army of dinosaurs attacking the warforge army in the east? Where is Orukurtz if he is not in the pyramid? Find out next time!

D&D Session Summary April 19, 2013
The adventurers settle on the plan to directly infiltrate and take control of the pyramid with the help of Lord Commander Loray and his elite eladrin squad. When Berrian asks for a means of communication, Lord General Denneth Starfeon give the adventurers a horn to signal whether they were successful or not. However, Davros proposes that the she give the adventurers a more discrete means of communication given the covert nature of the operation. The leader of the eladrin army agrees and gives Berrian a Sending Stone and instructs him to keep her up to date.

After hammering out the attack details in the command tent, the adventurers venture into the eladrin camp and the nearby town of Fayven. The Hunter and Amarthon go into town to check out the market. They purchase some potions and inspect some prospective mounts. None of the mounts interest them, so they return to the eladrin encampment. Meanwhile, Carrion hears commotion about an eladrin soldier winning a suit of armor that belonged to a minotaur. Upon further questioning, Carrion quickly connects the dots and concludes that the armor the eladrin is showing off belonged to Ranaron. The eladrin soldier claims he won the fancy armor in a duel with a minotaur, but Carrion disputes the ownership and demands that he return it to the previous owner. Refusing to do so, the two bring their dispute before Lord General Denneth Starfeon in the command tent. Unbeknownst to them, Ranaron is stealthily following close behind keeping an attentive eye and ear. In the tent, the eladrin soldier makes his case that he won the fancy suit of armor fairly in a gamble of combat from a foolish and dishonorable minotaur. Carrion requests that the eladrin be returned to the minotaur. Confused, Lord General Starfeon asks why Carrion cares about this minotaur when the party disassociated themselves with him at the very beginning when the minotaur was acting like a cow begging to be turned into beef patties. Carrion explains that the minotaur is Ranaron and a vital member to his adventuring party. Sometimes, Ranaron goes into a crazy rage and does something stupid due to his unbalanced mental state. In effect, the minotaur is crazy and the party need to maintain a safe distance from him, but at the same time, the minotaur is greatly needed if the adventurer’s attack on the pyramid is to succeed.

Fed up with his reputation being tarnished, Ranaron jumps out of hiding and punches Carrion in the face without warning. The surprised and black-eyed undead tiefling flies out of the command tent. Lord General Starfeon and her body guards turn from confusion into suspicion and concern. What was the minotaur doing hiding outside the tent? Why did he launch a surprise attack on his fellow adventurer? Was Ranaron in a mad rage? These questions immediately became irrelevant when Ranaron showed an act of violence that threatened the safety of the Lord General. Without compromise, Lord Commander Loray and Starfeon’s bodyguards ordered the minotaur to stand down and refrain from further acts of violence. Refusal would mean certain death by the dozen of eladrin soldiers surrounding the minotaur. Ranaron offers no further resistance and explains to Lord General Denneth Starfeon that his fellow adventurers were attempting to tarnish his reputation. The minotaur fighter claimed that his adventure party was no ready to attack the pyramid because there was a great deal of internal strife within the party. The eladrin leader’s confidence in the adventurers began to waver when Ranaron and Carrion engaged in a bitter argument in the command tent. Carrion pleaded Ranaron that he was trying to conduct damage control and get back his suit of armor, but Ranaron pointed out that the damage control was at the expense of his reputation and dignity.

Frustrated with the pointless bickering, Berrian suggests an alternate solution. Ranaron and the eladrin soldier should conduct a second duel to give Ranaron the opportunity to win back the armor that he lost. To convince the eladrin soldier to fight, Berrian offers 500 gold and his Pact Sword +1. Furthermore, The Hunter offers an additional 500 gold to the reward. Combatants would be able to use all their battle equipment. Another condition was that the combat duel be to the death and the winner takes all. If the eladrin soldier wins, he keeps the suit of armor and gets 1,000 gold, Berrian’s Pact Longsword +1 and everything in Ranaron’s inventory. If Ranaron wins, he gets his suit of armor back and takes everything in the eladrin soldier’s inventory. Both parties agree and preparations begin for the battle.

The entire eladrin camp is rattled up with excitement about the epic rematch between Ranaron and the eladrin soldier. Ranaron gears up with his usual chainsaw sword and polishes his horns for his goring attacks. The eladrin soldier steps out of his tent and appears in a full suit of eladrin weavemail armor. However, instead of wielding a traditional eladrin longsword, the eladrin holds a massive execution axe in both hands. As it turns out, the eladrin soldier is an executioner.

The battle begins with Ranaron taking the initiative and charges the eladrin. The minotaur manages to land some decent blows and forces the eladrin to take more defensive actions. The eladrin swings his execution axe to shave off some minotaur fur, but Ranaron shrugs it off. The fight seems to be going very well for Ranaron during the first few rounds of combat. The eladrin crowd cheers while The Hunter lifts his Flaming Longsword to encourage his fellow adventurer. The minotaur fighter denies the eladrin movement and bloodies him with more well placed hits. However, all is for not, when the eladrin scores a critical hit (see below for game mechanics) and knocks Ranaron unconscious. The crowd goes crazy as the eladrin executioner mercilessly decapitates Ranaron’s head with a final coup de grace attack. To the horror of his fellow adventurers, an unfortunate end for such a strong fighter.

Despite the loss of their fighter, the adventurers reluctantly commence with their attack on the pyramid. When they reach the city outskirts, the adventurers take a scenic view of the entire area. Closest to them in the north is the dread black pyramid with the glowing green laser cannon. In between the pyramid and the city of Baba Ghanoush is a formation of warforge soldiers that stand idle. Beyond the war machines, a massive blue bubble-like shield surrounds the city emitting from the new Templar White Tower. Since observing it three days ago, the shield appears to be considerably more transparent and thus weaker. Blocking the west and east roads into the city are two more warforge formations. After taking a moment to observe the area, commotion erupts from the west and east flanks. Without warning, a massive tornado suddenly appears and slams into the warforge formation. While throwing the warforge into chaos, the tornado shoots out streams of fire and tosses large boulders around. On the east flank of the city, large creatures stampede out of the nearby foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Upon closer inspection, The Hunter identifies the large creatures to be dinosaurs.

Seizing the moment when two of the three warforge formations are engaged in combat, the adventurers rush towards the pyramid. They easily navigate through a mine field and approach the pyramid doors. Across the black exterior of the 300 feet high structure are strange symbols. Amarthon attempts to decipher the symbols but does not have much success. Whatever the symbols are, it is clearly a secret language that requires a decoding key. The Hunter recognizes small traces of the text to be in Supernal and Carrion identifies the Supernal code to be related to Vecna, the evil god of necromancy and secrets. After fiddling with the control panel, the adventurers manage to open the exterior door and enter into a large three level cargo bay. Along the walls are rows upon rows of hundreds of inactive and compacted warforge soldiers hanging from metal racks. There is a central energy elevator beam that connects the three levels and each level is one hundred feet apart. Attending to the elevator and rows of warforge are a handful of warforge engineers and a commander. They quickly realize that the adventurers are intruders and combat begins.

“Broken” game mechanics that killed Ranaron
The eladrin soldier was actually a player character warforge barbarian. The race did not matter because I did not use any racial powers (no eladrin fey step and no warforge resolve). The eladrin hit with Rage Strike and sacrificed his 9th level daily power to deal 68 damage (max 5d12 + 9). Execution axe is a High Crit weapon so add + 2d12 damage on critical hits at paragon tier. Paragon feat “Devastating Critical” activates when I score a critical hit which adds + 1d10 damage. Class feature “Rampage” activates when I score a critical hit which lets the eladrin make a melee basic attack as a free action. The MBA hits Ranaron and deals 1d12+9 damage. Therefore, in total, Ranaron sustained 68+2d12+1d10+1d12+9 damage. That is a shitload of damage.

D&D Session Summary April 12, 2013
Session cancelled due to bad weather.

D&D Session Summary April 5, 2013
After a much deserved extended rest in Davros’ house, the adventurers made their way into the Berrian’s hometown of Ferris Fields. Ranaron found Oinky brawling in the back alley streets and with the eladrin’s help, Ranaron was able to recover his 50 gp from his stomach. The Hunter ventures to the resting place of his half-elf tribe to offer prayers to Melora, specifically asking for forgiveness for not keeping up with his prayer routine and guidance. Meanwhile, back at Davros’ house, a squad of elite eladrin soldiers from the Kingdom of Cendraine arrive and offer presents of honey wine and silverware. After Carrion, Berrian and Amarthon make a good first impression to the soldiers carrying the banner of the eladrin House of Starfeon, the leader of the squad, Lord Commander Loray, informs Davros that the eladrin army he requested to defend Baba Ghanoush have arrived from the Feywild in the nearby town of Fayven. With Davros and the eladrin soldiers, the three adventurers report to High Lord Evendor the mayor of Ferris Fields about defeating some trolls and befriending the tree people. In gratitude, High Lord Evendor informs the adventurers that he has placed Beth, Miria’s mother, in charge of the Indigo Lily flower plantation since she runs a flower shop in the town. In addition, Beth presents Berrian’s plea of innocense and with Davros’ support, the eladrin mayor offers amnesty to Berrian on the condition that he lead a research committee to investigate Fey Slime and how to prevent the town from teleporting again. Berrian happily accepts the responsibility and also find out about the other half of his hometown of Ferris Fields. On behalf of the forest people, the adventurers offer an alliance between the town and the forest people to fight against the trolls. To pursue friendly relations, High Lord Evendor and the adventurers attempt to contact the forest people at the river with the flute. After some experimenting and fumbling with the musical natural instrument, The Hunter, Carrion and Berrian’s consciousness are briefly transfered to the Feywild and they “converse” with emotions and ideas with a mysterious and powerful archfey. The archfey reveals to the adventurers that a group of rogue eladrin poachers and lumberjacks are abusing the wildlife and natural resources nearby the valley of Si’Oto. That is why the forest people were so angry and attacked Ferris Fields. High Lord Evendor agrees not to attack the forset people or launch a counter attack agains the trolls until the adventurers return from defending Baba Ghanoush. Meanwhile, Ranaron and Oinky escape from the authorities again and go to Oinky’s crib to “make some bacon.”

Between a choice of hunting down the trolls led by a black dragon in the Trollhaunt Swamp or defending Baba Ghanoush from Orukurtz’s warforge army with the eladrin army, the adventurers decide to save the provincial capitol. They travel to Fayven to link up with the Kingdom of Cendraine eladrin army. Along the way, Davros gives the adventurers their share of the treasure from the Tomb of Zumbo (5,000 gp) and also continues to teach the heroes dragonslaying techniques. The party masters the first technique and learns a new power (see below) to fight dragons more effectively.

In the command tent, the adventurers are introduced to Lord General Denneth Starfeon and Leshana. Leshana was a wealthy eladrin jewlery mercahnt that was saved by the adventurers onboard the lightning rail train and she offers financial support to House Starfeon for the war campaign. Lord General Starfeon welcomes the party’s help and provides some vital intelligence about the battlefield around the city. She also says her sages have revealed that a deugar named Chief Lupin is trapped under the rubble in the city and a dragonborn lich named Oberon made a deal with the Templar to help defend the city with radiant energy. In addition, the eladrin advance scouts have observed the following information:
>Three warforge soldier formations stand idle and only attack if disturbed or detect nearby enemies. Warforge soldiers block the west, north and east acces roads.
>During the day time, the warforge pyramid structure shoots a laser beam at the Templar shield
>During the night time, Orukurtz flies out of the pyramid and terrorizes the citizens shouting “Surrendering the Library of Ioun and all its properties and I will leave you in peace. Refuse and you will be terminated.” Then, she shows visions of a drow city being wiped out by a warforge army. After, Orukurtz flies back into the pyramid.
>No travel, teleportation or magical communications with Baba Ghanoush through the Templar shield. Land, air or sea travel restricted.
>The Templar shield can only hold for 48 hours more.
Refer to the attached map for tactical placements. Map is also on Obsidian Portal website. West and north of the map are farmlands and dense forests. East of the map are the foothills to the Atlas Mountains. South of the map is the Inland Sea.

While planning for the battle, Ranaron spots Lord General Denneth Starfeon’s super fancy weavemail armor that was worth around 500,000 gp. The minotaur fighter immediately went crazy with greed and wanted to steal Lord General Starfeon’s armor regardless of the odds. He dropped down on all fours and pretended to be a cow and the eladrin military officer ordered Ranaron dragged off to the butcher. Realizing Ranaron’s insanity, the rest of the party decide to disassociate with Ranaron. While being dragged away, Ranaron reverts to himself and makes a bold gamble to get an eladrin soldier’s finemail armor. If he won, he would get the eladrin’s armor and if the eladrin won, the eladrin soldier would get Ranaron’s artifact armor. Despite getting the upper hand with dirty fighting tactics, Ranaron lost the one-on-one duel and the eladrin soldier ran off with Ranaron’s artifact armor. In a fit of rage, Ranaron charges after the victor and tries to get his armor back through violence.

Meanwhile, back in the command tent, the adventurers make some remarkable revelations. Berrian present the fey slime cylinder for Lord General Starfeon to examine. The female eladrin military officer recognizes the design from the ancient and extinct civilization of Feyoz. Amarthon recalls that the Feyoz are the ancestors of the eladrin, elves and drow that predated the Dawn War era. Berrian decides to cast Object Reading ritual on the mysterious cylinder. With a decent Arcana 34 check, the eladrin sorcerer receives 5 images about the item’s past. The first image is that the fey slime cylinder is one of four other cylinders in an airship engine. Unlike the fey slime inside Berrian’s cylinder, the fey slime in each of the cylinders are glowing bright greenish purplish pink with full energy. The second image shows the center of the airship engine with an eladrin magical longsword. The longsword is being manipulated by an eladrin engineer which appears to be controlling the engine. In addition, the longsword in the image appears to be very similar to that of The Hunter’s Flaming Longsword and Lord General Starfeon’s fancy longsword. The third image shows the airship installed with the fey slime engine sailing at “warp” through the Astral Sea. The airship is of eladrin design flying the colours of the Feyoz civilization. The fourth image shows the airship accompanied by a fleet of airships equipped with fey slime engines flying the colours of the Feyoz civilization. The fifth image shows the Feyoz airship fleet being led by a flying castle also powered by a fey slime engine. However, the castle is not of Feyoz origin but of dwarven architecture. The fey engine in the castle is considerably bigger and contains a dozen fey slime cylinders. After Berrian shares these images about the cylinder, The Hunter’s Flaming Longsword “Oathkeeper” bursts into flames without his command and the letters on the blade begin to glow bright blue. Amarthon and Berrian determine that the fey slime infused in Berrian’s body can be used to recharge the cylinder. In addition, Carrion has the medical knowledge to seperate the fey slime substance from Berrian’s blood and the eladrin army medical camp possesses the equipment for the procedure. Impressed with the adventurer’s research progress, Lord General Denneth Starfeon offers to refer them to team up with House Turue, an eladrin house that operates a well-funded research committee dedicated to uncovering the mysteries of Fey Slime and the ancient Feyoz civilization.

After consolidating a battle plan with the eladrin army in Fayven, the adventurers have the opportunity to do some shopping. You may purchase potions or mounts from an elf merchant named Leodor. He offers the following mounts for sale: War Horse (680 gp), Celestial Charger (13,000 gp), Bulette (7,000 gp), Rage Drake (2,600 gp).

How will the adventurers help the eladrin army defend Baba Ghanoush from the warforge army? Will the heroes save the provincial capitol city in time before the Templar shield runs out of energy? What will Ranaron do to recover his beloved artifact armor? Find out next session!

Dragonslayer’s Strengthened Resolve minor encounter
Until the end of the encounter, you gain +5 bonus to Will defense against a dragon’s Frightful Presence attack

Seige of Baba Ghanoush photo SeigeofBabaGhanoush_zps1aad1c3b.png

D&D Session Summary March 29, 2013
We resume this session with the adventurers jumping into combat against none other than a mummified version of Lord Zumbo. As the party rolls initiative, Berrian the eladrin sorcerer teleports right outside the treasure vault and informs the adventurers that the warforge soldiers are decimating drow cities in the Underdark. Lord Zumbo rises out of his diamond-lined crystal coffin and proclaims “Foolish thieves! You will never steal my wealth! Prepare to-” Before the mummy could finish his sentence, Carrion the tiefling cleric unleashes his readied action to daze and immobilize Lord Zumbo. Nevertheless, the scattered bones around the room come to life and merge to form a skeleton dragon that rises out of the mountain of gold. The dragon appears to be held together by lightning energy as bolts of electricity dance from bone to bone. Similar to its master, the skeleton has a blue light glow from its eye sockets and mouth. A fierce battle ensues with the adventurers focusing their attacks on Lord Zumbo. The entire party is bloodied at least once while the skeleton dragon unleashes bone storm and floating skulls shoot out lightning bolts. Ranaron ends the fight with his signature attack by jumping into the air and smashing Lord Zumbo with Cometfall Charge. When Lord Zumbo explodes sending dusty bandages everywhere, the majority of the adventurers contract Mummy Rot disease. However, Carrion utilizes his ritual casting powers and Heal skills to successfully cure the disease. After closing the door and blocking it with a pile of gold, the adventurers search the treasure vault thoroughly for magic equipment, gems and other notable items. Ranaron called dips on the powerful magic armour and quality fabric underpants worn by Lord Zumbo. The Hunter finds 10 emerald gems and magic armour level 12. Berrian discovers a magic item level 13 and a Fey Slime Containment Cylinder with ancient elven script dating back to the Dawn Wars. Amarthon the tiefling psion uncovers a magic item level 12 and a ritual candle. In addition, he realizes that the chest with the spherical object is actually an incubator with a grey dragon egg. Carrion stuffs 2,100 gold coins and 5 diamonds each worth 1,000 gp into his Bag of Holding. Lastly, utilizing proven historical counting techniques, the party estimates there is approximately 75,000 gp in the treasure vault. The looting spree is interrupted by Davros knocking on the door. The epic-tier (d-bag) dwarf archaeologist was not impressed with the adventurers violating their agreement by ransacking all the treasure for themselves. Originally, Davros offered to teach the adventurers some dragon slaying techniques and 20% of the loot. In return, the adventurers help Davros explore and secure the Tomb of Lord Zumbo. With some hesitation and agitation, the party agrees to abide by the original agreement. Instead of jamming gold coins into your mouth or stuffing the treasure in bedrolls, Davros simply teleports a massive overpowered Leomund’s Secret Chest ritual with the Templar logo and everyone loads all the loot into the box before it teleports away. The adventurers and Davros return to the surface and take an extended rest in Davros’ house.

D&D Session Summary March 22, 2013
The battle continues with the Lady of Leeches and her two vine plant companions. Despite squeezing in tight spaces, having their life leeched out of them and being crushed by vines, the adventurers prevail over the monsters in the swimming pool room and recover an ancient dwarven gold coin. The adventurers insert all four objects into the statutes hands. The north hand with eight fingers were fitted with eight wedding rings. The east hand was fitted with a rare alchemist book. The south hand was fitted with an apple. The west door was fitted with an exotic gold coin. With all pieces fitting perfectly, the two statute platforms split open to reveal a spiral staircase into darkness. Ranaron recklessly charges down the staircase without a light source, trips along the way and crashes at the bottom. Afterwards, the adventurers travel down a narrow hallway with three gaps in the floors. Ranaron leaps over the first two gaps with Carrion in tow. The Hunter throws Amarthon over the first two gaps and makes the jump himself with no problem. The third and final gap was slightly wider, but the adventurers don’t bother to investigate for traps. Once again, Ranaron attempts to leap across but smacks against an invisible wall halfway across the gap and begins to fall down the pit. Carrion is pulled into the pit and also falls. However, Ranaron manages brace himself against the walls but Carrion the cleric splashes into a pool of acid at the bottom of the deep pit. Carrion finds a ladder on the opposite side of the pit and begins to climb up on the other side of the pit behind the invisible wall. Meanwhile, Ranaron utilizes his Acrobatic skills and executes a cirque du soleil maneuver to swing underneath the invisible wall to avoid the acid pool. Meanwhile, Amarthon realizes that he cannot use any magical transportation or teleportation powers so he is forced to do things the hard way. However, he does not do so well in the Athletics section and falls into the pool of acid at the bottom of the pit. While Ranaron and Carrion reach the top at the other side of the pit, The Hunter was not paying attention and decided to jump across to the other side of the pit wall forgetting about the invisible wall. He splats on the invisible wall like a bug on a wind shield and falls into the pool of acid at the bottom of the pit. As The Hunter and Amarthon climb up on the other side of the pit, Ranaron finds a lever and pulls it which unleashes a pour of acid liquid into the pit. The wash of liquid pushes The Hunter and Amarthon back into the pool of acid at the bottom of the pit and makes their escape from the pit very difficult. After multiple failures and sustaining heavy damage, the adventurers successfully escape the pit trap and arrive at a door which states “Death awaits the robber of graves”. Disregarding the warning, the adventurers boldly enter. Inside, they discover the treasure vault and begin a thorough investigation. The room is filled with a mountain of gold coins, fancy trinkets, some magic items and an assortment of bones. Amarthon uncover a powerful anti-teleportation ward on the walls and small random burn marks on the floor. In the center of the mountain of treasure is a diamond-lined crystal coffin with a mummy wearing a fancy suit of armour inside. Near the corner of the room, they spot a chest ajar with a spherical object inside. Carrion readies an action to attack the mummy whenever it comes out of the coffin. Meanwhile, Ranaron climbs onto the ceiling and attempts to jump onto the coffin, but he critically fails and lands on his head. When this happen, the shit hits the fan and the mummified Lord Zumbo animates and rises out of the coffin.

Session Summary March 15, 2013
We begin this session with Amarthon joining the The Messangers adventuring party. Unfortunately, his introduction and initiation into the party is not pleasant. First, the tiefling falls climbing down into the Tomb of Zumbo. He is healed by Carrion the cleric only to be extorted for health insurance. While Carrion is talking to the new character, a curious Ranaron the minotaur kicks Amarthon in the face to determine whether he is alive. Amarthon lashes out at the minotaur, but is hog tied by The Hunter the half-elf. After some calming roleplaying, Amarthon shakes hands with Carrion and The Hunter, but the half-elf is still suspicious of their new member.

After this ordeal, Ranaron opens the door and a pile of rubble floods over Ranaron and Carrion. Fortunately for them, they dodge the mini-avalanche and find a narrow passage. Ranaron immediately charges into the passage while the rest of the party spot a yellow pool of liquid and hear the humming of a woman’s voice. Upon further inspection, the adventurers realize it is a trap and the woman is really a leech-filled vampire-like monster inviting them to their last pool party. The next thing the adventurers realize, they are having their assess handed to them by the Lady of Leeches and her two vine companions. Despite the hardships, Ranaron in his awesome swim trunks manages to navigate the high-gravity swimming pool and collect an exotic gold coin at the bottom of the deep pool. The battle continues next session…

D&D Session Summary February 1 & 8, 2013
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D&D Session Summary January 25, 2013
While flying to the valley of Si’Oto in Davro’s house carried by balloons, the adventurers begin to learn Davro’s dragonslaying techniques. While Ranaron and Carrion manage to hold their mental focus on the concentration exercise, Berrian is distracted by an annoying fly and The Hunter lacks the memory capacity to succeed. The adventurers take in Davro’s house decorated with an assortment of interesting features. There are shelves of trophies, including the Purple Dragoon Badge (which the adventurers recently received); cabinets of fancy silver trinkets; paintings on the wall with one depicting a young Davros with Aunt Woo and an unknown swordfighter at the Library of Ioun in Baba Ghanoush, another showing a group of six rugged dwarf adventurers entitled “Clan Beerbiter, Dwarven SEAL Team Three” and one illustrating Davros and King Robert riding a large grey dragon hunting a dire boar in a Midlands forest; from the ceiling hangs a skeleton of a red dragon covered in a tattered Blackguard flag; and some decent half-elf styled venison and barrels of honey wine.

After two days of flying east from Fayven, the adventurers arrive in the valley of Si’Oto. The valley is surrounded by pine forests and in the centre of the valley flows a rushing river. On the western bank appears to be half of an eladrin town situated on top of some ruins next to a large and lush garden. To the east of the river is a fissure and torn down trees. Davros lands his house next to the eladrin town which appears to be surrounded by a warding circle that repels trolls and trees and also makes the town invisible to those on ground level. Upon approaching the eladrin town, the adventurers stumble upon a procession of eladrin mourning the death of a young female eladrin that Berrian recognizes as Miria, a childhood friend. Leading the procession is High Lord Galain Evendor, mayor of the eladrin town, who attempts to arrest Berrian for illegally tampering with fey slime that teleported half of the town to the valley of Si’Oto. Fortunately, Miria’s mother intervenes and utilizes eladrin cultural customs to delay Berrian’s arrest for one day. In the procession, Carrion teams up with a priest of the Raven Queen to help provide burial details and help Miria’s soul find her way into the Raven Queen’s hands. Meanwhile, The Hunter is concerned that the eladrin town rests upon the half-elf’s home ruins but horrified to find his people’s final resting place completely disturbed. A good portion of the graveyard has been transformed into a successful vegetable garden of butternut squash, starfruit, pineapples and watermelons. The Hunter hotly demands that the eladrin respect his people’s final resting place. The eladrin townsfolk reluctantly agrees and goes to conduct the burial ceremony on the south side of the town. During the burial detail, Carrion helps the priest of the Raven Queen exercise the proper rights for laying Miria to her final resting place. In the process, the adventurers learn that she was savagely killed by trolls while picking indigo lily flowers in the valley southwest of the town. Elsewhere in the town, Ranaron finds a brawl in a shady alley and gets invited to fight a chubby and aggressive eladrin named Oinkie. After Ranaron wins the fight, they must flee the authorities and manage to evade them only to end up crashing Miria’s funeral. As the assistant priest of the Raven Queen conducting funeral rights, Carrion declares that the interruption was destined to happen by the hand of the Raven Queen and that the funeral should continue without further complications. In the ensuing chaos, Ranaron and Oinkie make a clean get away and Miria’s mother sends Berrian to hide in her home to prevent Evendor from arresting him. After the ceremony, High Lord Evendor invites Carrion to his office to negotiate a deal regarding charges against Berrian and an arrangement mutually benefiting the town of Ferris Field and Carrion. In return for granting Berrian temporary immunity and giving Carrion 90% of indigo lily production at-cost, Carrion and his companions agree to exterminate the trolls and trees assaulting Ferris Field….

D&D Session Summary January 18, 2013
Picking up from where we left off last time, the adventurers narrowly manage to defend the lightning rail train from the elite warforge cavalry unit. The Hunter arrives to seal the deal and the frightened but surprisingly not terrified civilians onboard the train were saved. As the lightning rail train accelerates farther from the city, the adventurers get a decent view of the warforged army marching to surround the city. However, the constructs refuse to attack the Templar shield and instead stand idle in battle formations. Meanwhile, the adventurers realize that Davros the retired dwarf swordmaster was on the train the entire time, patiently watching the heroes fight behind the civilian crowd. Carrion and Ranaron are furious that Davros refused to help fight the enemy and risk the safety and lives of the civilians. While the dwarf only offered some minor advice, he justified his inactivity by claiming he was testing the adventurers to see if they were combat worthy for him to train. After the crisis had passed and the train was on its way to Fayven, Davros asked the adventurers whether or not they were still game for his offer of providing dragonslaying training in return for aiding his expedition to the Tomb of Sumbo. The adventurers reluctantly agreed.

Afterwards, the civilians approached the adventurers to beseech them with their gifts of gratitude and respect. The first is a beautiful female eladrin jewellery merchant who identifies herself as Leshana. Leshana informs the party that she runs a jewlery business in the Northern Territories and welcomes them to sell her any valuable gems and rocks they may find on their adventures. Her headquarter is located in the Feywild city of Celadon, but she has a smaller shop in Fayven which acts as a transfer point between the Natural World and the Feywild. She gives Berrian a fancy ring to improve his teleportation ability and Carrion a sash of healing powers. The second notable figure is an elderly male human shoemaker with thin white hair and thick wrinkles on his face and hands. He bows and says, “I am Aven Niri at your service. I offer my services and this token of tanks for saving my life, my grandson’s life and that of my people.” He provides Ranaron with a surfer-like boots that allows him to literally surf a wave of water vertically in combat. Furthermore, Carrion opens the small chest he took from the destroyed neighbourhood of Baba Ghanoush and finds three complex keys with a symbol of a high-class bank in Thronehold (capitol of Human Kingdom). Berrian casted the Magic Map ritual using Orkurtz’s scale. With the ritual, he confirms that Orukurtz was unable to breach the Templar shield and that Baba Ghanoush was still intact. However, Davros informed the party that the Templar could only fend off against the siege for a maximum of one week. After the Templar shield expires, Orukurtz and his construct army could surge into the city and conquer it.

After a much needed extended rest on the train, the adventurers arrive at Fayven, the most northern stop on the lightning rail in the Human Kingdom. At the train station, Davros gives his farewells to the passengers that escaped the carnage of the attack. Some of the passangers are eladrin diplomats from the eladrin Kingdom of Cendraine in the Feywild and they promised to bring help to defend Baba Ghanoush against Orukurtz and his ancient construct army. Furthermore, the adventurers are greeted by Davro’s Deeplantern Guild associate, a male pixie names Iris riding a Pomeranian dog named Shard. Refusing to use Iris’ horse drawn cart to travel to the Tomb of Sumbo due to time restrictions to save Baba Ghanoush, Davros reveals his house that was magically stored in an orb. After the dust settles, Davros’ completely intact and undamaged house is lifted off the ground with a hundred colourful balloons (like in the movie “Up”) and the adventurers float away from Fayven to the valley of Si’Oto.

D&D Session Summary January 11, 2013
We continue the session exactly where we last left off. The Messangers receive the highest heroic tier award from Baba Ghanoush for defeating the evil mindflayer Boss Mass and freeing thousands of slaves. Immediately after the ceremony, Orukurtz and a warforged army launch a surprise attack effectively annihilating one-fifth of the city. The heroes manage to protect most of the refugees and farmers providing them precious seconds to escape behind the safety of the Templar shield. Once everyone is safely behind the city gates, the heroes investigate the warforge captain. They managed to remove a Helm of Seven Deaths from the war machine before it self-destructed. Ranaron threw the body over the gate, through the Templar shield and heard it explode blowing up a column of warforge soldiers outside the walls. Thanks to the Templar shield, the city is safe for the moment.

After a short rest, The Messangers receive word that their attention is urgently needed at the lightning rail train station on the far western side of the city. The watchtowers have spotted a detachment of warforge cavalry units charging towards the lightning rail train station. Many civilians are attempt to flee the city on the train and the Templar shield does not extend far enough to protect the train station. Starting from the northern most city gate and moving west, The Messangers venture through the rubble and fires of the one-fifth of Baba Ghanoush that was annihilated by a massive green laser beam from the pyramid-like structure that carried the warforged army to the surface world. Carrying a halfling messanger under one arm, Ranaron practically drags the rest of the party through the ruined neighbourhood that encompassed Davros’ home. Along the way, Ranaron and Berrian rescues a young human woman from a building by throwing her out the window and using Berrian’s fey step power to teleport to the ground and catch her. Well, it was more like the fainted woman landed on Berrian’s head, but they managed to get her out of trouble. Meanwhile, Carrion looted the home and found a small treasure chest which was quickly stored in his bag of holding for later.

Emerging from still burning debris of the obliterated neighbourhood, The Messangers arrive at the lightning rail train station just in time to intercept the warforged cavalry detachment. Comprised of three soldiers each wielding a different weapon, the warforged were riding on centipede-like mounts with razor sharp claws. The lead warforged soldier duel wielded two battleaxes, another was holding a glaive and the third was carrying a long battlehammer sparkling with lightning. At the station platform, a lightning rail train was having trouble getting started and was not able to move. Ranaron courageously (or stupidly) charged into melee combat outside the Templar shield to face all six enemies in melee. Meanwhile, Carrion and Berrian launched several ranged attacks from the safety of the city walls behind the Templar shield. They were able to inflict some serious damage from the ballista, but Ranaron was getting beat up pretty bad. Finally, the party managed to destroy one of the mounts which self-destructed sending deadly shrapnel out in every direction. At this point, Ranaron (and Charles) was getting fed up and decided to kick start the train’s engine from underneath. With his charismatic diplomacy skill, Carrion rallied the city guards to help them. At the same time, Berrian jumped down off the city walls and dashed into the mess to help his comrades get the lightning rail train moving. And that’s where we left off…

D&D Add-on December 14, 2012
Before the award ceremony at the White Tower, Master Templar Lord Ray approached The Hunter to return the Oathkeeper. He was very impressed with the craftsmanship of the longsword. He informs The Hunter that the mysterious glowing blue letters and numbers on the Oathkeeper are actually designation codes for a warforge spirit that dates back to the Dawn Wars, a prehistoric conflict between gods and primordials over who would rule the universe. During the war, Kord, the god of strength and battle, grew frustrated with his weak and cowardly followers. Instead of giving the existing races another chance to prove themselves worthy in battle, Kord created a new race of super war machines with vastly superior strength and bravery to fight on his behalf in the Dawn Wars. And thus, the warforge were born. For centuries, the warforged fought in Kord’s name with distinction and won many battles. In fact, the warforged started winning too many battles. It came to the point where the warfoged became unstoppable weapons of mass destruction that annihilated everything and everyone in their path. They achieved victory through overwhelming strength. Furthermore, the warforged became sentient and decided to conquer the world for their own reasons. During the end of the Dawn Wars, the gods and primordials set aside their differences and joined forces to stop the warforged. Together they succeeding in dismantling Kord’s unstoppable creation, but at great cost. A forgotten god transformed his being into a material body in order to sacrifice himself to stop one of the warforged most advanced factories. Now, only broken fragments of the once mighty warforged race can be found scattered across the world.

The research regarding the warforged and their technology is incomplete. Professor Valena from the Royal Magic Academy is the foremost expert on the topic. However, she was kidnapped by Orukurtz several weeks ago. The Templar believe Orukurtz is forcing the professor to decipher warforged technology for the purple dragon’s own agenda. Lord Ray has asked The Hunter and his companions to go on a search and rescue mission to retrieve Professor Valena. He also warns you that many past adventurers have failed to do so.

Furthermore, Lord Ray clarifies the details of the airship registration and insurance papers. So long as you are under the employment and jurisdiction of the Templar, the registration papers identify the Sunstrider as a private contractor working for the Templar. The Fontana Fleet and other Human Kingdom authorities will not have direct jurisdiction over the Sunstrider so you do not have to worry about them interfering or taking over your ship unless you give them a reason otherwise. The insurance papers will cover 50% of all ship-related expenses, such as fuel, maintenance, and repair, at any Human Kingdom facility under the sovereign rule of King Robert. This means that you only have to worry about paying 10,000 gp to repair the Sunstrider instead of 20,000 gp.

D&D Session Summary December 14, 2012
The next day, the party wakes up to another beautiful day in Baba Ghanoush. The Hunter finds a note left by Chief Lupin that states, “My friends, I am taking a shore leave and will be back later. Due to the Fontana Fleet losing a recent major naval battle, all the airship repair facilities in the city are occupied so I have not been able to start work on the Sunstrider. However, I was able to get a damage expense estimate to be 20,000 gp and at least one week.” After putting the barrel of honey wine in the engine room, Captain Catos of the Royal Mail Service thanks The Hunter for his help protecting his ship the RMS Deep Blue and gives him some gold and a job offer to work for the Royal Mail Service. Then, The Hunter reports the party’s adventure in the Underdark to Admiral Novosi at the Fontana Fleet barracks. Afterwards, he goes to the Haven of St. Jude orphanage to greet Redgar and the army of orphan children that praise The Hunter. At the Last Orders homeless shelter, Ranaron begins transforming the run-down building into a five-star hotel with his awesome pumping muscles. After hearing about a homeless person being ruffled up, Ranaron runs to the market place to meet Berrian and Carrion. Meanwhile, Carrion wakes up beside Annie in the Red Tail Gentlemen’s Club and ventures out to the Church of Pelor. After obtaining a fancy certificate of confession, he meets Codex the cleric and offers to donate 500 gp to the donation drive after people have donated 500 gp to the Last Order homeless shelter. After sleeping in, Berrian wakes up and joins up with Carrion to seek out prospective investment opportunities. They find a formerly successful inventor named Leonard Dickworm at the Dickworm Emporium. He presents them with a blue potion named Salve of Power which allows the drinker to regain a spent encounter power.

During the afternoon, the heroes receive an invitation from Viceroy Jenkins Pendragon to an award ceremony in order to commemorate their valiant actions for rescuing thousands of slaves taken by Boss Mass and Orukurtz. Viceroy Pendragon, Master Templar Lord Ray the architect, Justicar Sami, several minor adventuring parties and thousands of civilians are in attendance of the ceremony at the recently completed White Tower, the new Templar headquarters in the Northern Territories. The heroes receive the highest heroic tier award – the Purple Dragoon badge. Carrion delivers a motivational speech to call the citizens to donate to the homeless and orphans. Furthermore, The Hunter pledges to continue to protect and serve the city. The audience cheers wildly.

As the award ceremony draws to a close, an earthquake rips open a rift outside the city limits. Many buildings crumble while a large black pyramid-like structure rises out of the earth. The top of the building shoots out a massive green laser beam that effectively annihilates one-fifth of Baba Ghanoush. As the citizens scream and panic, Master Templar Lord Ray activates the gungan-like shield from the White Tower that saves the rest of the city from being vaporized. Furthermore, a door on the mysterious structure opens and out marches a parade of warforged soldiers led by Orukurtz the purple dragon! In order to provide enough time for the refugees and farmers to get behind the protective city walls and the Templar shield, the heroes manage to fend off the advance wave.

D&D Session Summary December 7, 2012
The next day, The Messengers meet up at the King Under the Mountain tavern for breakfast and bump into their old companion, Ranaron the minotaur fighter. They meet Asher who introduces Peter Piping a real estate agent and presents them with a business venture to buy, upgrade, and sell land for substantial profit margins. Meanwhile, another adventuring party at level 12 named The Knights of Good challenge the existing champion of the King Under the Mountain. After persuading the crowd the join their side, The Messengers prevail over The Knights of Good. Before the heroes could collect their bet winnings, Justicar Sami barges into the tavern and shouts “I AM THE LAW! DROP YOUR WEAPONS! ITS JUDGMENT TIME!”. While everyone in the tavern surrenders and cowers in fear, the Justicar judges several criminals and immediately executes them. Meanwhile, Ranaron and Asher keep out of sight. Eventually, Justicar Sami confronts Kenny about smuggling poison that Carrion planted in his Red Sword Armoury shop. Kenny escapes the charges with a close call and threatens to expose Carrion’s plot to the Justicar. Thanks to the intervention of Ranaron due to his connection with Delkin (Kenny’s brother), the evidence is destroyed and Kenny and Carrion part ways with bitterness. On the other hand, Berrian takes a keen interest in the Justicar’s ability to constantly teleport around the tavern. Justicar Sami refers Berrian to visit the Hall of Justice in Thronehold to learn about her teleportation abilities. After the Justicar leaves, The Hunter purchases a barrel of honey wine to be delivered to the Sunstrider. Berrian and The Hunter visit the Red Sword Armoury that is closing up and make a few purchases. At the same time, Carrion goes to the Church of Pelor and makes a sincere and extensive confession to Codex, a priestess of Pelor.

D&D Session Summary November 30, 2012
After exiting from the Cube prison with Oberon, Erekek uses the Linked Portal ritual to teleport past the rope bridge over the “fall-down-and-make-a-new-character” chasm. Back in the Darigan Citadel, The Messangers are greeted by a happy Kathuku the mindflayer who has been promoted to the position of Underboss since Boss Nass has been occupied weeping over the death of his son. To thank the heroes for helping in his promotion, Kathuku grants the heroes one wish within his power, but the party cannot decide on what the favor would be. Meanwhile, Chief Lupin delivers bad news that the Sunstrider sustaind catastrophic damage after he saw Meraxes the red dragon mount of Boss Nass chase away Orukurtz. Unable to move on its own, The Messangers enlist the aid of Captain Catos of the Royal Mail Service (RMS) to tow the Sunstrider to Baba Ghanoush. In return, The Messangers promise to protect Captain Catos, his crew and ship. During the trip, Erekek and The Hunter dick around while Carrion relays valuable information about Human Kingdom military strategy to Jevan the drow ambassador. After passing through the Grand Roar whirlpool, they are attacked by Black Guard mercenaries led by Jobbo Fett. Despite all the complaining, The Messangers defeat the mercenaries but at great cost to Captain Cato’s crew. Even though Jobbo Fett escaped onboard his submarine named “Ready or Not”, the heroes manage to sail both the RMS and the Sunstrider back to the port of Baba Ghanoush. While at the docks, The Messangers meet Kenny the dragonborn former champion of King Under the Mountain who is moving his Red Sword Armoury shop from Baba Ghanoush to Thronehold. Carrion plots to have Kenny arrested for smuggling contraband and uses Annie the redhead prostitute to cover his tracks. Back at the docks, Erekek has a mental break down and commits a dozen crimes including public indecency by stripping naked in full view of everyone. All his belongings are taken and he is promptly dragged away to be locked up in a mental institution. Meanwhile, The Hunter receives a letter stating: “To whom it may concern. I have received word that you have recovered my Throne of Dominion. I want it back. Return it to the nearest Templar and you will be handsomely rewarded. Refuse and face the consequences. Signed, S.” Without hesitation, The Hunter delivers the Throne of Dominion to the Templar at the White Tower. Inside, an elderly, high-ranked Templar rewards The Hunter with 6,000 gold for the chair. In addition, the Templar provides The Hunter with registration and insurance papers for the Sunstrider and an arrest warrant for Katarina the pirate thief in Ravenholm. Furthermore, the Templar examines The Hunter’s magical sword – the Oathkeeper which has mysterious glowing blue letters.

D&D Session Summary November 16, 2012
Afte waking up from the nightmare, The Messangers enter the central block where most of the inmates are held. Inside this massive cube room, they find a Darth Maul-like character draining secrets from Oberon who happens to be a dragonborn lich. The party fails to convince Darth Maul that they are here to help him and combat ensuses. Despite Darth Maul’s jedi-like powers, The Messangers prevail over the agent of Vecna and release the unconscious Oberon from his chains. After looting Darth Maul and healing Oberon to the best of their abilities, the sphinx warden appears and congratulates The Messangers for making it this far into the Cube Prison. In return for safer and easier passage out of the Cube Prison, The Messangers fulfill three tasks. First, they must surrender Darth Maul’s ritual book of secrets. Second, they must answer a riddle given by the ghostly sphinx. And third, they must promise to hold their silence for releasing Oberon from the Cube Prison. Meanwhile, The Hunter flirts with the sexy female sphinx and promises to free her from the servitude of managing the Cube Prison. Furthermore, the sphinx exhanges a book with Carrion to secure Darth Maul’s ritual book filled with the answers to the sphinx’s riddles. Satisfied, the sphinx reveals a shortcut for The Messangers through a special cube room. In this room, the heroes must protect a monolith from annoying wraiths pouring in from the portal walls. After successfully unleashing the monolith’s power, The Messangers exit the Cube Prison with Oberon.

D&D Session Summary November 2, 2012
Last time, the party enters the dreaded Cube Prison, a massive cube-like structure comprised of hundreds of smaller cubes. After figuring out the first room with the lightning levers, The Messangers pass through several other cube-like rooms with various puzzles, traps and combat encounters. These rooms included sleeping golems, a frozen and frictionless floor, a water tank with piranhas, suspicious grooves, a mute drow statuette, a trio of incomplete figurines. Along the way, the heroes collect an assortment of keys in different shapes and colors that provide further access deeper into the Cube Prison. Having overcome several deadly rooms, The Messangers decide to take a much needed extended rest in the Cube Prison.

D&D Session Summary October 26, 2012
Finding his son murdered without a soul, Boss Nass banishes Orukurtz from the throne room with the help of Meraxes, his powerful red dragon mount. With a mix of strong emotions, Boss Nass demands an explanation from the heroes. Gorth the half-orc barbarian-paladin simply stated he was there to slay the purple dragon. Carrion also claimed the same explanation, but explained they were too weak. And Erekek completely got away with a lie by saying he thought the throne room was the powder room. Thanks to his uber awesome diplomatic skills, Boss Nass calms himself and asks The Messangers to avenge his son by slaying Orukurtz. The mindflayer boss offers his help by providing release papers and a gold key for a dragonborn wizard named Oberon who specialized in making sunrods and radiant magic. A decade ago, Oberon was imprisoned in the Cube by Boss Nass in return for expelling Orukurtz from mindflayer territory. Clearly, this agreement between the mindflayer and the purple dragon has been violated and Boss Nass wants pay back. Boss Nass also encourages the heroes to acquire some grandmaster dragonslaying training from a dwarf named Davros. Now a retired swordmaster and adventurer, Davros lives peacefully in Baba Ghanoush.

Meanwhile, Berrian is teleported on top of a tree due to his fey slime. After falling down from the tree, the eladrin sorcerer takes in a scenic view of a large valley surrounded by a swamp and small lake to the north and forest and mountains to the east, south and west. When looking toward the swamp, Berrian spotted several trolls selectively knocking over trees and a black dragon using its poisonous breath attack to expand the swamp. A long wide river divided in the valley in half. On the eastern side of the river was a large fissure in the ground and on the western side of the river were some ruins. Furthermore, Berrian saw half of his lost village in the ruins with some eladrin people. As Berrian made his way down the valley toward his village, he spotted a goblin hiding in the tree line watching the eladrin.

Before leaving for the Cube Prison, Boss Nass introduces a tiefling named Excellence at dinner. Excellence is an associate of a Ravenholm conglomerate corporation called Acquisitions Incorporated and attempted to elist the interest and services of each individual party member. Without much success, Excellence bids the party farewell and best wishes in their adventure.

After taking an extended rest, everyone experiences strange dreams. The Hunter sees his two swords glowing with the eladrin characters “SNA 1292-4” in bright blue flames. Carrion dreams about black ravens. Berrian dreams about his life before the fey slime accident. Erekek dreams about a memorable experience with his childhood mentor, Froboz. And Gorth dreams about the ravages of the new orc society where women and children are beaten and men are slain in the streets.

From the Darigan Citadel, The Messangers teleport to the Abyss Chasm where the Cube Prison is located. They cross a super long and narrow rope bridge across a “make-a-new-character-if-you-fall” chasm. After an entire day of walking on the bridge, the heroes meet an obnoxious and relentless scotsman who demands that they turn around and let him get off the bridge. Provoked by the heroes, they engage in combat and the scotsman is easily defeated. Finally, after another two days of walking on the perilously dangerous rope bridge, The Messangers arrive at the Cube Prison, a massive black cube structure comprised of hundreds of small cubes (just like the movie “Cube”). The heroes are greeted by a ghostly sphinx who claims to be the warden and accepts the heroes entry into the prison. After satisfying the sphinx by completing a riddle, the party is nearly TPK’d by dangerous levers that shoot out lightning and thunder.

Now, The Messangers have entered the Cube…

D&D Session Summary October 19, 2012
While Erekek solves the floor tile puzzle on his own, the rest of the party checks out the north door in the Blood Pool chamber. Inside the north chamber, Gorth, Carrion and The Hunter discover a playful but dangerous shadow cat that only appears in the presence of light. In gratitude for Erekek completing the floor tile puzzle, the dwarf ghost rewards Erekek with a business card of the Giant Construction Inc. for a favor worth 3,000 gp. While The Hunter attempts to tame the shadow cat, the rest of the party proceeds to a door with a mindflayer head. After successfully gaining access to the mindflayer throne room, the party confronts Orukurtz and a mindflayer named Boss Mass, the son of Boss Nass. Realizing that two out of three of the party’s strikers were not present, Erekek and Carrion immediately surrender and offer their city race map to Orukurtz as a sign of good faith. Furthermore, they served as mediators for a disagreement between Orukurtz and Boss Mass. Orukurtz claims he only wants souls for his warforged factory and blames Boss Mass for causing trouble by harvesting intellectual slaves from the Human Kingdom. Meanwhile, Boss Mass accuses Orukurtz for not providing enough funds for the operation and not understanding his brainsucking clients’ tastes. In the midst of their fighting, Orukurtz kills Boss Mass in a fit of rage. Before the party could do anything, an older mindflayer riding a large red dragon lands in the throne room. Stepping off his mount, the mindflayer glares at the purple dragon and says, “Orukurtz?! What are you doing here? I explicitly told you to stay away from-” Then the mindflayer spots the lifeless corpse of Boss Mass before Orukurtz and screams, “-my son! Nooooooo!”

Cliffhanger for the win!

D&D Session Summary October 12, 2012
The party enters the east door from the Blood Pool chamber. In this room, they confront a maze filled with noxious corpse dust, hellfire pit traps and hovering black balls of death. Furthermore, they are trapped in the maze and forced to solve multiple puzzles to escape. They recover a golden key. Upon returning to the Blood Pool chamber, the party finds Orukurtz the purple dragon slaying the vampire musician and disappears behind the west door that leads upstairs. Back in the Blood Pool room, Berrian casts Object Reading ritual on a scale from Orukurtz and sees two images. One image shows Orukurtz flying into a volcano with a giant staircase and the second image is of Orukurtz speaking with two orc diplomats wearing fancy chainmail armor. The party enters the western door that leads to a room with a ghostly dwarf struggling to complete floor tiles.

D&D Session Summary October 4, 2012
The heroes recuperate from the last battle against Orukurtz’s warforged prototypes by taking a much needed extended rest. After a disturbed sleep, the party investigates the bronze door which has a riddle. Carrion immediately solves it and the doors open revealing a long dark hallway. Before entering, the party meet and enlist the help of a mindflayer farmer wearing frost armor named Kathuku. Kathuku explains to the heroes that Ourkurtz the purple dragon is banned from mind flayer territory. He also informs the heroes that Boss Nass is a good aligned mediator/negotiator dedicated to peace and stamping out slavery in return for free livestock from the Human Kingdom. The party and Kathuku enter the secret back door and arrive at a large chamber with a tiefling vampire playing an organ beside pools of blood and soul-sucking stasis chambers. The vampire asks if the heroes would be willing to donate blood to the Red Cross, but are interrupted by two undead reapers covered in soul-sucking chains. After defeating them, the heroes decide to destroy all the stasis chamber and enter the east door which Orukurtz was last seen entering.

D&D Session Summary September 28, 2012
After crossing the sharp rock tunnel, the party arrive at the rear entrance of the Darigan Citadel. Also, Berrian teleports to the party and informs Erekek that he met Froboz. Before they proceeded any further, Orukurtz covered in koa-toa blood appears and deploys some prototype warforged soldiers that threw time bombs. At the same time, a hungry elemental sharp rock shark dived out of the sharp rock tunnel and attacked the party. During the combat, Orukurtz attentively watches the heroes fight but refuses to attack. With his prototype warforged soldiers defeated, Orukurtz turns to a large bronze door and says to the party, “Nothing! Nothing can stop me from exploring the vast riches of the Underdark. Not even you. Now if you will excuse me, I have an appointment.” With that, the bronze door opens, Orukurtz disappears behind it and the door closes.

D&D Session Summary September 21, 2012
After liberating the elf slaves from the drow slave master Joe, the majority of the party decided to scour the floating garage for loot and found lots of blasting jelly, a highly volatile explosive substance. Unfortunately, Gorth the half-orc paladin was not gentle enough in handling the substance and caused a super massive explosion that nearly caused a TPK. There was quite a bit of drama between party members who debated on how to punish Gorth for his unintentional efforts to destroy the party. The koa-toa Whip arrived to help the party in return for recovering his engagement bracelet meant for Ann that he lost at the sharp rock tunnel. Tragically, Erekek the gnoll psion, had a change of heart after barely surviving the blasting jelly explosion and refused to give the pearl bracelet to Whip. With more intra-party drama, the party finally managed to arrive at the rear entrance of the Darigan Citadel.

D&D Session Summary September 14, 2012
After subduing a warforged soldier from assassinating Lady Shareen, the party is tasked by Jevan the drow ambassador to find and return the revernant ritual research that was teleported away by the massive fey slime explosion. Jevan provides the party with some Sending rituals to keep in contact. The party decides to head off to Joe’s Garage to fix their heavily damaged airship named the Sunstrider. However, upon arrival, the party is horrified and compelled to eliminate Joe who turns out to be a ruthless drow slave master working a group of elves to death on his floating garage barge in the middle of Kraken territory. The party manages to manipulate Joe into surrender, but unfortunately, he dies after ordering his own defence system to kill him. Before passing away from the mortal realm, Joe admits that he bought the elf slaves from Boss Nass through a middle man named Laris, a dragonborn slave hunter from the city of Ravenholm, and that he was a former member of the Krakheads, a group of kraken pouchers that used elf blood to deter krakens. After satisfying a baby kraken by returning its mother’s eye, the party liberate the elf slaves who repair and upgrade the Sunstrider airship as a gesture of their gratitude for saving them. The party takes a much needed extended rest before proceeding to the Darigan Citadel of Boss Nass the evil mind flayer.

D&D Session Summary August 27, 2012
After defeating the crab tank, the party opens the access hatch to find a warforged soldier played by Andrew sitting in the cockpit. The warforged soldier wears a Helm of Seven Deaths that captures the souls and he identifies himself as “Q6600”. Q6600 claims that he is suffering from memory loss after being shaken so violently during the previous combat encounter. Suddenly, a large chunk of the House of Aleval estate is teleported away exposing a ghoul spawning hole underneath the mansion. Before being dragged away by the ghoul and eaten alive, a wounded drow scientist shouts “Its Froboz the wizard! He knows the answer to the fey slime! You must-”. A challenging battle ensues as the heroes fight to contain the endless ghoul horde. Finally, they manage to plug the hole with the Sunstrider airship and Lady Shareen rewards most of the heroes with gifts of gratitude. Jevan also provides a shortcut to the Darigan Citadel through the sharp rock tunnel. Without warning, the warforged soldier attacks Lady Shareen, but he is subdued by the exhausted party and a drow airship that arrives.

D&D Session Summary August 20, 2012
After sustaining lethal injuries, The Hunter and Berrian wake up in the sick bay onboard the Fontana Fleet destroyer the Tobruk commanded by Captain Arden Kibble. Due to extensive persuasion and explanation, the Captain agrees to release the heroes to continue their quest to bring down the mindflayer Boss Nass and the purple dragon Orukurtz. Erekek, a gnoll psion with necrotic expertise, decides to join the party after receiving a mission to rescue an eladrin history scholar named Professor Valena. Professor Valena was kidnapped by Orukurtz and the Templar want her back. Onboard the Sunstrider, Erekek helps Jevan’s assassins to transform Carrion into a revernant. Jevan the drow ambassador leads the party to the drow House of Aleval estate where you receive 2,000 gold from mother matron Lady Shareen for returning Jevan to safety. Lady Shareen invites the heroes to attend a party later that night. Before the party, Berrian does some research regarding fey slime and Erekek helps the drow perfect the revernant ritual. During the party, the estate is attacked by a crab tank. After inflicting serious damage on the huge war machine, the heroes manage to open the hatch to find…

D&D Session Summary August 13, 2012
Before getting an extended rest, the party has to get some things in order onboard the Sunstrider airship. Carrion the tiefling cleric explains the situation to the drow ambassador who identifies himself as Jevan Colora. On behalf of the Drow Queendom, Jevan tasks Carrion and his friends to hunt down Orukurtz the purple dragon. Below deck, the party interrogates the male koa-toa who identifies himself as Whip and a wealthy trader with the drow. After the release of the two koa-toas, Whip provides some gold and a bag of holding which triggers some drama within the party. Meanwhile, The Hunter and Chief Lupin settle their differences and the veteran engineer agrees to help the party take down Orukurtz. After the extended rest, the party arrive at the Horned Alliance base, a floating fortress constructed of wrecked ship hulls. However, they quickly realize that the Cult of the Elemental Eye led by Aurora Darkmagic have opened a portal to the Elemental Chaos and attacked the base looting the corpses and treasures. An intense battle ensues. Unfortunately, the cleric falls in battle followed by The Hunter. Just as Ranaron and Berrian are about to be finished off, a Fontana Fleet warship crashes into the base to interrupt the fight.

D&D Session Summary August 6, 2012
Last session, the party managed to loot and sink the airship Step Aside. They rescued two prisoners and a cargo crate. The first victim was a human veteran pirate and the second victim is a drow male with the tattoo of a high-ranking ambassador from the Drow Queendom in the Underdark. In the cargo crate, the party discovered a prized piece of furniture known as the Throne of Dominion, an excellent tool against deception, disobedience and betrayal. Meanwhile, Chief Lupin is traumatized that the party has sailed the Sunstrider into the Underdark and allowed a drow aboard the ship. After calming down Chief Lupin, the party is greeted by a friendly koa-toa (fish people) female named Ann. Before she could direct the heroes to the nearest port to repair the Sunstrider, the party is suddenly attacked by hostile koa-toas. During the onslaught, the unconscious human pirate is beheaded. The party prevails in battle but desperately needs an extended rest.

D&D Session Summary July 30, 2012
After waking up (from a hangover) at the King Under the Mountain tavern, the party are summoned by a Templar to see Admiral Novosi of the Fontana Fleet. Admiral Novosi has offered 2 new missions. First, to take a picture of Orukurtz and gather 3 critical pieces of intel about Orukurtz’s recent schemes for 18,000 gp and one free airship upgrade. Second, to bring Orukurtz’s head to the admiral for 36,000 gp within one week. Despite the competition of two rival adventuring parties, the party gladly accepts both missions. The heroes also pimped out their Sunstrider airship with an upgraded animated crossbow turret, ramming armour, rocket boosters and a small torpedo tube which amounted to a bill of 2,300 gold. Berrian the Eladrin Sorcerer suggested that they get a hot tub, but decided to install it when the party had more money. Upon arriving at the Trident Docks, the party is suddenly attacked by dragonborn dressed in red and two female criminals. The heroes easily repelled the attack and chased after the assaulting airship named “Step Aside”. The chase goes through the dreaded Grand Roar Whirlpool and down into the Underdark. After exiting the portal between the Natural World and the Underdark, the party catches up with Step Aside and pulverize the crew and ship. Before the ship sinks, the heroes manage to recover 5 captives in a cage and one cargo crate. Just as things begin to settle down, The Hunter and Berrian spot an unknown vessel approaching them.

D&D Session Summary July 23, 2012
In order to understand the map to the Underdark, the party arrives at the Library of Ioun to meet Aunto Woo, a popular fortune teller who is never wrong. Suddenly, a purple dragon illusion takes control of Aunt Woo and a fight breaks out. The party easily defeats the dragon and its strange Walt Disney summons. After saving Aunt Woo from Orukurtz’s control, she agrees to answer one question and provide one prophecy to each hero. When answering questions, Aunt Woo confirms that Boss Nass is very protective of his only son and that Orukurtz’s intrusion into the Human Kingdom will anger Sinister the Green Dragon. She instructs the heroes to sail across the Eastern Sea, down the Grand Roar Whirlpool, through the Twilight Ocean, past the Cube Complex, into the Darigan Citadel, and finally arriving in the Heart of Darkness. Upon learning this, the party decides to alert Sinister the Green Dragon via the Templars about Orukurtz the Purple Dragon threatening the life of all mortals including King Robert. After filing an extensive report with Fontana Fleet’s Admiral Novosi, she contracts the party to bring her the head of Orukurtz within one week for 18,000 gold and access to some equipment. In the King Under the Mountain tavern, The Hunter and Ranaron meet with Asher and he informs them that the Horned Alliance base is in the Twilight Ocean waiting for Ranaron to pick up his 13,000 gold for capturing Ferna, the pit fiend. Asher also mentions about Koa-Toa pirates and a dragon war between Orukurtz and Janice in the Underdark. Meanwhile, Carrion and Alex are emptying the tavern’s alcohol supply which entices the entire party to get drunk.

D&D Session Summary April 3, 2012
On the second day in the city of Baba Ghanoush, the party wakes up to another wonderful summer day. In the Church of Pelor, Brother Ardon finds a mysterious tattoo on his left arm. After extensive research, Brother Mathias and Brother Ardon discover that the tattoo is an omen from the god of Pelor, but the specifics are still fuzzy. Meanwhile, at the King Under the Mountain tavern, “The Hunter” set out to explore the city early in the morning and finds some desperate orphans whom he helps generously. Ranaron also finds a mysterious tattoo on his right hoof/foot. Ranaron and Gryphin meet Artogan, a novice wizard studying at the Royal Magic Academy, seeking Twitch that Kenny was initially suppose to receive. The minotaur and the elf agree to hand over Twitch for proper containment and examination to find a cure for the rat’s ancient and powerful disease. As they leave the Royal Magic Academy, a government official hires Ranaron and Gryphin to host an acrobatic performance in honour of a Templar parade. Meanwhile, Brother Ardon attempts to see Aunt Woo at the Library of Ioun but is unsuccessful due to a large and anxious crowd of fans. While there, a halfling runner delivers a message from Chief Lupin, the deugar engineer, requesting permission to move the Sunstrider airship from the Roc Spire to the Trident Docks in order to take advantage of cheaper fuel rates. As noon approaches, the party rendezvous at the Red Sword Armoury where Kenny fills the party in on the city race details. After overcoming some stumbling blocks, the party wins the race with Gazunda, the gnome rogue, and Tye Lee, the elf circus performer with the magic rope, close behind! Viceroy Jenkins Pendragon endorses the party for their achievement and rewards them handsomely with a variety of goods, including an antique map to the Underdark.

D&D Session Summary March 21, 2012
After hijacking the airship (renamed the Sunstrider), Ranaron and The Hunter find Gryphin, Mr. Bearpants and Brother Ardon locked up in cages in the cargo hold. They release and befriend their new allies who explain to them that Katarina kidnapped them and intended to ransom them to the Church of Pelor in Baba Ghanoush. In the engine room, the party also discovers an old duegar expert engineer named Chief Lupin. He offers to help fly and maintain the airship and in return, he wants lots of honey wine and 50 gold per week. When the party arrives at Baba Ghanoush, they decide to land, repair and refuel the Sunstrider at the Roc Spire. Chief Lupin says the airship will be ready to go in two days. On the first day, Brother Ardon and The Hunter visit the local Church of Pelor and meet Brother Mathias who is very happy to see them. After delivering a seminar, Brother Mathias informs the party that there has been unrest and suffering due to kidnappings and the illegal slave trade from the Underdark. Despite the Church of Pelor and the government’s effort to eliminate slavery, it is still widespread in the Underdark. He tasks the party to investigate and put a stop to the kidnappings and slavery. Meanwhile, outside the Church of Pelor, Gryphin and Mr. Bearpants put on a spectacular acrobatics show and manage to earn some easy money. The party also discovers that the chest they were supposed to deliver to Kenny unopened contained Twitch, a Feywild plague rat. After some excellent research at the Library of Ioun, the party manages to create an inoculation to prevent Twitch’s ancient plague from spreading to nearby beasts. As night approached, the party navigate their way underneath the city to seek lodging and Kenny at a tavern called King Under the Mountain. While enjoying their drinks, the heroes hear news of a wise tiefling fortune teller named Aunt Woo. Aunt Woo is rumoured to never be wrong about anything. Furthermore, Kenny the dragonborn carrying a large iron door enters the tavern and starts the famous king-of-the-hill game. The party defeat Kenny and The Hunter is crowned the new King Under the Mountain. Impressed by their performance, Kenny rewards the party by giving them some whetstones from his Red Sword Armoury shop and offers them a job to eliminate Boss Nass, a mind flayer attempting to monopolize the slave trade in the Underdark. To get to Boss Nass’ citadel in the Underdark, Kenny explains that the party need to retrieve a map by winning the annual city race tomorrow. The next morning, something strange happens. Ranaron and Brother Ardon find mysterious tattoos on their bodies. Ranaron’s tattoo shows the head of a severed rat with two twisted horns while Brother Ardon’s tattoo shows a distorted emblem of Pelor, half of which is black and the other half white. What could these tattoos mean? Will our heroes win the much anticipated annual city race and obtain the map to the Darigan Citadel? Is this Aunt Woo fortune teller worth checking out? Find out next week!

D&D Session Summary March 7, 2012
The new adventure is set one month after our last campaign. The trolls have been driven out of Moonstairs by the Templars, a powerful order of militaristic magic users (wizards, sorcerers, etc). We start in Favyen, a trade town just a few miles west of Moonstairs and known to be the most northernmost train station of the kingdom. The party is contracted to steal a certain cargo chest from a lightning-powered train traveling from Fayven to Baba Ghanoush. After some difficulty obtaining the train tickets from a grumpy bureacrat, the heroes manage to get on the train. However, before they could make their heist, drow ninjas and deugar (dwarves from the Underdark) attempt to snatch the prized package first. Despite Katarina’s intervention and some crazy combat, the party is successful in recovering the package, defeating the competing robbers and hijacking their airship. Now what will the party do with their newly acquired flying vehicle? What awaits them in the city of Baba Ghanoush? What is the fate of Katarina? Find out next week!



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