Bane is a blue dragon that rules the Eastern Badlands. Originally, the blue dragon’s name was Shenron, but he changed his name to that of the god of war after establishing the Church of Bane as his power base in the Eastern Badlands. Under the newly formed Church of Bane, Bane has managed completely take control and reorganized orc society into an iron fist military dictatorship. Currently, Bane is commanding an orc invasion against the Human Kingdom.

Bane is an exceptionally ambitious and ruthless dragon. Before he changed his name to Bane, Shenron ruled a Human Kingdom city in the Orange Desert as a dragon overlord on behalf of Sinister the green dragon. However, Shenron quickly grew jealous and resentful of Sinister’s outstanding wealth and power. When Sinister denied Shenron’s request to be transferred to position of higher merit, Shenron rebelled by taking a large sum of gold from Sinister’s treasury and fleeing the Human Kingdom to establish his own country where he was just as and perhaps more powerful and wealthier than Sinister. After arriving in the Eastern Badlands and encountering orc society, Shenron changed his name to Bane and established the Church of Bane to rule over the orcs their new supreme leader.

Like any major dragon, Bane has many allies and enemies. For allies, Bane has been friends with a brown dragon named Sunkist since they were wyrmlings. Sunkist and Bane have always helped each other for mutual benefit. Recently, Sunkist has granted Bane and his orc armies safe passage and assistance. In return, Bane has rewarded Sunkist for his support with a generous portion of the war loot. For enemies, Sinister and Bane are now mortal enemies. Sinister wants his stolen gold back and revenge against Bane. Meanwhile, Bane seeks out to acquire all of Sinister’s wealth and power through any means necessary, including the use of deadly force in the form of a massive orc invasion.

When Bane is not hosting military strategy meetings with his orc generals or swimming in his pool of treasure, the blue dragon enjoys hunting and fishing for food in coastal cliff areas. He loves spending time in heavy thunderstorms and places of extreme high altitude where lightning is most likely to strike. Similar to Char the red dragon’s ambition, Bane has been secretly seeking a way to transform himself into a lightning-blue dragon that would make him into a more fearsome and powerful creature.



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