Char is a powerful red dragon that rules over the Dragovar Empire in the Dragon Sea. Although he is officially the Dragon Emperor, he prefers to let his capable dragonborn subjects manage the Empire. Like his drgonborn subjects, he admires honour and pride. Char tolerates the presence of many minor dragons throughout his vast realm even though most of these minor dragons do not associate with the Dragovar Empire. So long as these minor dragons do not interfere with him or his Empire, Char leaves them alone. However, there is one dragon that Char hates and that is Nora the white dragon, because of they are each others complete opposite.

In order to prevent a devastating war between the Dragovar Empire and the Human Kingdom, Char maintains an uneasy alliance with Sinister the green dragon. Though the red dragon despises his eastern neighbour’s mentality and practices of manipulation and deception, Char views the non-aggression pact as necessary for the continued prosperity and survival of his Empire.

For the past five years, Char has spent most of his time exploring volcanic islands throughout the Dragon Sea seeking the secret to transform himself into a red-lava dragon.



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