Denneth Starfeon


Eladrin general

Denneth Starfeon is a female eladrin. She is rather tall for an eladrin standing nearly eight feet tall. She has beautiful flowing blonde hair like her father and smooth skin like her mother. However, Denneth was born blind. At first, her parents were seriously considering abandoning her in the unforgiving wilderness of the Feywild. Fortunately for Denneth, a human monk named Rothoro arrived at House Starfeon and offered to teach Denneth to overcome her blindness. After nearly 20 years of extensive training from Rothoro and House Starfeon’s Master-At-Arms, not only was Denneth able “see” her surroundings, but she also became a very capable fighter. She won many fighting tournaments against opponents who underestimated her for being blind. At the age of 120 years, she reached adulthood. At this time, her parents sought fit to grant Denneth the title “Lord Commander of House Starfeon” and led her first war campaign against a group of fey trolls attacking her home city-state in the Feywild. After a resounding victory, the eladrin Kingdom of Cendraine recognized her potential and commissioned Denneth as a “Lord General” in service to the eladrin nation.

Thanks to eladrin military culture, she enjoys freedom from discrimination for being a female and has seized many opportunities to bring great wealth and respectable reputation for House Starfeon. Her successful political and military career has granted Denneth the honour of commanding the House’s veteran squad in war campaigns.

In battle, Lord General Denneth Starfeon allows her long blonde hair to flow in the wind. Like every eladrin military officer, she wields a personalized longsword forged specifically for the individual eladrin warrior and wears a high-quality weavemail at the market price of over half a million gold coins. Around her waist, she openly displays a symbolic dagger given to her by Rothoro at the completion of her training and a war horn to communicate with her fellow comrades on the battlefield. On occasion, she carries a wooden shield that proudly displays the icon of House Starfeon.


Denneth Starfeon

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