Leshana is a female eladrin. Born and raised in the Kingdom of Cendraine, she is a jewelry merchant from a minor eladrin house of nobility. Since adulthood, Leshana has worked tirelessly to build on her family’s business of buying and selling shiny trinkets. For over a century, she consolidated a wealthy and powerful merchantile empire that stretches between the planes of the Natural World and the Feywild. It is rumored that Leshana’s success is based on two business strategies. First, she was able to exploit the open trade routes between the Kingdom of Cendraine and the Human Kingdom. Second, Leshana enjoys purchasing an unspeakable amount of gems from greedy adventurers at the most attractive prices. Leshana get chests full of valuable gems and the adventurers happily walk away with pockets heavy with gold.

Leshana has long brownish red hair and green eyes. Strangely, she was born with relatively short ears for an eladrin. Leshana wears a lavish green dress with refined gem earings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Spotting her from afar is quite easy with all the shiny objects glistening in the light.



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