Nora is an ancient white dragon. At approximately the age of 3,500 years old, she is considered to be the oldest living dragon to history. Nora admires eladrin, elves and humans and is known to have a playful but wise personality. She enjoys spending her time watching adventurers on their quests in the Northern Frontier and the Feywild as if it were a TV drama series.

As a dragon overlord, Nora has a mutually beneficial arrangement with Sinister the green dragon and the Archfey Cendraine. She does not have a firmly defined territorial claim and prefers to wander around large portions of the Northern Frontier and the Feywild. When it comes to problem solving, she takes on a very passive approach leaving most of the heavy lifting to her associates. Nevertheless, in times of great crisis, Nora can prove to be a powerful and valuable friend. The real problem is convincing Nora about the validity and seriousness of the crisis when the ancient dragon sees most of the world’s events as harmless entertainment.



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