Sinister is a green dragon that rules the Human Kingdom from behind the scenes of the Royal Court. He is known to be an exceptionally manipulative and greedy dragon. Sinister views organized crime as entertaining and lucrative. When he is not enjoying manipulating an oblivious soul, he spends all of his time hoarding power and wealth in the Human Kingdom capitol. Possessing more than 1 billion gold coins, Sinister is arguably the most wealthiest dragon in the world. As a pet peeve, Sinister never leaves the capitol city of the Human Kingdom despite having firm influence and control over vast territories. Instead, he relies on the Order of the Templars and other minor dragons to do his bidding.

To help consolidate his power in the Human Kingdom, Sinister is allied with many dragons. He is friends with Nora the white dragon who he shares half of the Northern Territories. Sinister also has an uneasy alliance with Char the red dragon in order to prevent a devastating war between the Human Kingdom and the Dragovar Empire. The last time the two countries fought it nearly destroyed them both. The green dragon is allied with several minor dragons who pledge to govern major cities across the Human Kingdom on behalf of Sinister.

Just as he has many allies, Sinister also has many enemies. At the top of the list of enemies is Bane the blue dragon. Bane was previously served Sinister as a dragon overlord of a Human Kingdom city in the Orange Dessert. However, ten years ago, Bane stole a large sum of gold from Sinister and disappeared into the Orange Desert. Now, Sinister wants his gold back and revenge. Recently, Sinister has shown hostility towards Orukurtz the purple dragon for attacking the citizens of Baba Ghanoush and threatening the Royal Court, specifically King Robert. On top of these, many minor dragons across the world despise Sinister, because the green dragon tricked or manipulated many dragons one way or another for Sinister’s benefit.



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