bulette photo bulette_zps05690b1b.jpg

Bulette A27F26R21W21S6int7 lvl 9 elite skrimisher large MMpg38
Saving Throw +2; burrow 6; darkvision; tremorsense 20
HP 200-100
Bite standard at-will
+14 vs AC; 2d6 +7 or 4d6 +7 against prone target
Rising Burst standard at-will
Close burst 2 (creatures); bulette sprays rock and dirt into the air; +13 vs AC; 1d6 +7
Earth Furrow move at-will
Bulette move its speed just below surface of the ground avoiding opportunity attacks as it passes underneath other creatures’ squares; make attack against each creature bulette burrows underneath; +10 vs Fort; target knocked prone
Directed Tunneling standard encounter; mount trait
While mounted by a friendly rider of 9th level or higher; make an Earth Furrow attack followed by a Bite attack
Second Wind standard encounter
Bulette regains 50 hit points and gains +2 bonus to all defenses until start of next turn
Ground Eruption trait
The squares the bulette burros underground and surfaces becomes difficult terrain
Skills Athletics +16; Endurance +15



Past and Future [concluded] DM_Gabe