Five Companies

The Five Companies is the name of a loose alliance between five airship enterprises that specialize in different areas. Some companies are straight forward merchants that deal in legitimate contracts while others are simply pirates pillaging lucrative victims. Each company is led by the captain of a skyship, a more advanced vessel than regular an airships.

Company Bez
Arcane combat is the specialty of Company Bez. Captain Scarblade Bez is the current captain of Storm of Vengeance, the company’s skyship, which is known for blistering airborne assaults. The vessel has turned the tide of more than one battle. Company Bez also collects toll fees for those using the Grand Roar magical whirlpool that serves as an access point between the Natural World and the Underdark. Those refusing to pay the toll find themselves paying a much higher price in the near future.

Company Errowd
Company Errowd is the most service-oriented of the Five Companies. Its wizards perform rituals and offer other magical services, especially in areas of containment, smuggling and fast transport. Shield of Sarvas is the company’s skyship, is famed for showing up right when needed or wanted. Its captain, Jorrz Errowd posses great oracular power.

Company Flurig
Although it engages in war for profit, Company Flurig maintains a stricter contract policy than its fellow Five Companies. Captain Ian Shonto prefers the moral high ground. That doesn’t mean he and the crew of the Lamassu haven’t been on the wrong sie of the law, though.

Company Tundag
The best soldiers of the Five Companies belong to Company Tundag, a mixture of dwarves and humans who originally came up with the idea of the mercenary outfit. Tundag’s ship, Thunder Hammer, flies under the command of the dwarf Kurkar Rendred.

Company Yargo
A prominent halfling family as decendents of the infamous Pirate King Yargo of Old Yaulanza leads Company Yargo. The company takes all sorts of work, and its members aren’t reluctant to spill blood for the right price. Buccaneer’s Tear, the skyship captained by the brash Shil Yargo, has been implicated in high seas and overland piracy.

Five Companies

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