Kingdom of Cendraine

The Kingdom of Cendraine is a hidden eladrin kingdom located in the Feywild.

Archfey Cendraine
Under the absolute patronage of an extraordinarily powerful eladrin entity known as Archfey Cendraine, the kingdom is governed by handful of noble eladrin houses whom swear allegiance and service to Archfey Cendraine. Cendraine is a very mysterious entity that rarely appears outside of the highly secretive and well-protected kingdom’s capitol city-state of Celadon.

Cendraine Government and Society
While the Archfey Cendraine holds absolute authority over the kingdom, the archfey leaves the daily governance of the kingdom to a handful of ruling noble houses. The Kingdom of Cendraine is divided into hundreds of semi-autonomous city-states. Each city-state has a number of eladrin houses, but they all follow the dictates of the current ruling noble house comprised of distinguished eladrin politicians, merchants, artists and warriors. Some city-states have only a few dozen eladrin houses while other larger and more prominent city-states may have as many has one thousand eladrin houses competing and helping each other.

Each eladrin house is led by a Lord or Lady figurehead who generally specialize and excel in a specific area of interest such as diplomacy, trade, warfare, art and magic. Art, magic and warfare are the top three areas of interest that drive Cendraine society. Generally, the title of Lord or Lady of the eladrin house is passed down based on blood-line inheritance, but exceptions based on merit are common. Aside from a leadership figurehead and a specialized area of focus, each eladrin house also hosts its own distinct banner designed and commissioned by the founder of the eladrin house. Every banner is different and unique to each individual eladrin house. An eladrin house can be comprised of as few as two members or as many as thousands of members. The quantity of members does not necessarily determine an eladrin house’s success or reputation, but it is the quality of its membership that matters the most.

The kingdom’s capitol city-state is Celadon. It is hidden in the heart of Cendraine territory and protected by powerful warding magic and vicious Fey wilderness.

Cendraine Military
The Cendraine military is based and operated from city-states and ruling eladrin houses. Whenever the Kingdom of Cendraine is engaged in any military action, regardless of its offensive or defensive nature, the ruling eladrin houses of each city-state throughout the kingdom must decide to either join in or abstain from the military campaign. Each ruling eladrin house in their respective city-state will consult with other eladrin houses to reach a final decision. Sometimes there is a vote and sometimes a ruling eladrin house will decide unilaterally. Either way, once a ruling eladrin house makes a decision it is final. When a ruling eladrin house abstains from a military campaign, the law prohibits the involvement of any eladrin houses from that city-state in the military campaign.

For those who decide to join the military campaign, the ruling eladrin house of each city-state is responsible for gathering and organizing an army underneath their respective banners. An eladrin army from a city-state is always divided into two groups: House squads and militia volunteers. House squads are professional and well-equipped warriors that train for warfare on a daily basis. Every ruling eladrin house has a squad to represent them on the battlefield and lead the city-state army. The militia volunteers are the majority of soldiers in the city-state army who do not have professional training and high-quality equipment compared to the House squads. Nevertheless, every eladrin in Cendraine is taught to proficiently wield a longsword at the age of 5. In addition, every eladrin soldier is equipped with the traditional longsword, a suit of finemail armor for infantry or feyweave armor for spellcasters (better quality than chainmail and cloth armor respectively), and a pair of Elven Boots for increased movement and stealth. In sum, the militia volunteers are still a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Service in the militia volunteer is generally voluntary, but some city-states impose compulsory military service under a ruling eladrin house’s policy.

Before a military campaign, the Archfey Cendraine or an appointed ruling eladrin house commissions eladrin military officers to be in charge of the war efforts by formulating strategies and delegating orders. In every war campaign, there are always at least two eladrin military officers – a Lord/Lady General and a Lord/Lady Commander. A Lord/Lady General is responsible for strategic planning and holds authority over all military assets in a war campaign. A Lord/Lady Commander is responsible for tactical execution and commands a city-state army. In most cases, a war campaign is led by one Lord/Lady General and multiple Lord/Lady Commanders when more than one eladrin city-state army is involved. There can never be more than one Lord/Lady General in a war campaign, but there is no limit to the number of Lord/Lady Commanders. In small-scale military campaigns, a Lord/Lady General and a Lord/Lady Commander can hail from a single city-state. In rare situations, both military officers may come from a single ruling eladrin house, but that specific eladrin house must have substantial political clout, military abilities and economic resources.

In order to be commissioned as a military officer in the Kingdom of Cendraine, one must be a member of a respectable eladrin house from a respectable city-state and have the approval of the Archfey. It is not uncommon for military officers to be stripped of their rank before, during or after military campaigns for not satisfying these strict requirements. This is the most devastating and widespread method for an eladrin house to fall from grace.

In the event of a victory in a war campaign, the glory and loot go first to the Archfey Cendraine. Most of the time, the Archfey does not even bother touching the war praise or loot and leaves it entirely to the victors who fought in the war. From there, a trickle down effect occurs to redistribute the praise and wealth to the involved eladrin houses and their city-states. The largest portion is given to the ruling eladrin house that provided the Lord/Lady General. After, the Lord/Lady General redistributes the praise and loot amongst his/her Lord/Lady Commanders and their respective eladrin houses and city-states. Lastly, the city-states that did not provide any military officers are left with the remnants of praise and wealth recovered from the war campaign. Most of the time, there is enough praise and wealth to go around to prevent conflicts and jealousy, but this is not always the case.

In the event of a defeat in a war campaign, the commanding military officers are held completely and utterly responsible. They are all stripped of their ranks and lose considerably reputation for their failure in the war campaign. In addition, the eladrin houses of the military officers must provide reparations for the casualties and damages of the war. The effected military officers and eladrin houses also lose the favour of the Archfey. For this reason, many eladrin houses go bankrupt and disband.

Unlike the Human Kingdom and the Dragovar Empire, the Kingdom of Cendraine prefers small but powerful regiments of troops. This is well illustrated by the elite House squads employed by ruling eladrin houses to represent them on the field of battle. These squads are known to make the difference between victory and defeat in a war campaign.

Cendraine military culture is very different from other races and countries. Eladrin military philosophy revolves around intellect, bravery and magical power. Its ranks are gender non-restrictive so male and females are considered equal warriors. Female military officers are just as common as male military officers. Eladrin military officers discuss strategy as if soldiers were dancing to the beautiful rhythmic flow of a musical piece in the dance halls of the battlefield. And they refer to tactics as strike squads dedicated to accomplishing vital objectives to turn the tide of battle.

The Kingdom of Cendraine employs war beasts to strengthen its military ranks. The most common mounts are unicorns, griffons, and Wild Hunt Hounds.

Cendraine Foreign Relations
Due to their isolationist policy, the eladrin Kingdom of Cendraine tend to have more enemies than friends. Since the formation of the kingdom, the Drow Queendom have been their sworn nemesis. In addition, the Dragovar Empire have attempted to enslave the eladrin race forcing the Kingdom of Cendraine to retreat into a secret existence in the Feywild. Nevertheless, despite these extensive drawbacks from historical violent confrontations, the Kingdom of Cendraine has relatively open and friendly (if not neutral) relations with the Human Kingdom and the Dwarven Kingdom of Gar Morra. However, these relations have little political and cultural clout and are entirely reliant on profitable trade.

Kingdom of Cendraine

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