Here is a list of objectives the PCs have been assigned throughout the campaign:

  • Sir Alacros of the Templar has tasked Erekek the gnoll psion to locate and rescue Professor Valena from Orukurtz the purple dragon. As a history expert on the Dawn Wars, Professor Valena was kidnapped from the Royal Magic Academy by Orukurtz and the Templar desperately want her back. The Templar offer 30,000 gold for returning Professor Valena alive and unharmed to the Royal Magic Academy in Baba Ghanoush.

  • Admiral Novosi has offered two missions. First, to take a picture of Orukurtz and gather 3 critical pieces of intel about Orukurtz’s recent schemes for 18,000 gp and one free airship upgrade. Second, to bring Orukurtz’s head to the admiral for 36,000 gp within one week.

  • On behalf of the Drow Queendom, Jevan Colora the drow ambassador has asked the PCs to find and kill Orukurtz. In return for bringing them Orukurtz’s head, the drow will reward the PCs with substantial wealth and prestige.

  • Jevan Colora the drow ambassador has informed the PCs that Orukurtz the purple dragon has discovered and recommissioned an ancient warforged factory from the Dawn Wars deep in the depths of the Underdark. However, Orukurtz accidentally reactivated the factory incorrectly and now the warforged soldiers being produced are flesh-hungry war machines. Many drow have been attacked, killed and eaten by warforged soldiers. Jevan asks the PCs to find and destroy the warforged factory for a substantial reward.

  • Seek out grandmaster dragonslaying training from Davros the retired swordmaster dwarf. Davros resides in Baba Ghanoush and provide vital skills and knowledge about killing Orukurtz.

  • The Templar have issued a warrant to kill or capture Katarina in Ravenholm. Despite having her own airship hijacked, she is the daughter of a Ravenholm noble and has many criminal friends.

Completed Quests

  • Investigate and stop the widespread kidnappings in Baba Ghanoush. Kenny the dragonborn merchant claims Boss Nass the mindflayer and Orukurtz the purple dragon for being responsible for the kidnappings and the rampant slavery in the Underdark.

  • Release Oberon the dragonborn wizard from the Cube Prison. Oberon is a master of radiant energy and makes sunrods. He can aid the PCs in destroying Orukurtz.


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