Yaulanza, Mote of the Five
Floating Fortress, Population 400

Yaulanza is a floating fortress and trade center in the Inland Sea. The citadel is comprised of a central keep surrounded by five towers – one tower for each of the Five Companies. The central keep is for House Jordain. The settlement also contains various storehouses and merchant holds as well as housing for its citizens. The lower tier of the fortress is a honeycomb of excavated pirate caves.

Ruling Yaulanza is a body known as the Pact Council, formed of ranking members from each company, representatives of the merchants and a single member of House Jordain. All business is conducted in the public square at the center of the citadel.

Yaulanza’s best defense is its mobility. It is never in the same place more than once in a year and tracking its precise location is difficult to those who should not know where it is. The entire citadel floats to whatever destination the Pact Council selects. Generally, Yaulanza flies toward five distinct destinations throughout the year each selected by one of the Five Companies. In emergencies, the floating island can temporarily cross into the Astral Sea to evade trouble. Intruders who do manage to get in the flying citadel have to deal with the Jordaini Enforcers, responsible for the security of Yaulanza.

House Jordain
This group occupies the central keep in Yaulanza and serves as the head of government for the citadel. Members of the house are not interested in the business of the Five Companies. Instead, they are responsible for the security of Yaulanza and administrating the Pact Council. In the Pact Council, the House Jordain member only guides the discussion and does not vote, except to break ties.

Jordaini Enforcers are experts in hand-to-hand combat and defensive techniques. They police the Yaulanza with excellent skills in observation and memory. They have a supernatural ability to redirect attacks so enemies should think twice about initiating fights. They execute the will of the Pact Council and enforce the rule of law in Yaulanza even on the Five Companies.


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